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Our Automaton Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

The industrial revolution was a pretty impressive time in our lives, right? Well, you can replicate it if you’ve got the right mod pack in Minecraft. Automaton is a pretty considerable advancement and something that your average tech enthusiast will be able to get stuck into quite quickly.

So what actually is Automaton? Well, it’s a mod pack which emphasises making large quantities of resources with the aid of impressive multi-block machines and all the resources that come with such a great undertaking. Basically, you get to build a lot of cool stuff.

Now, this is a quest mod pack, so there’s about 200 quests which you can follow to get through the bulk of the tutorials and expansions, but there’s only 98 mods in place. This makes the whole thing quite lightweight and easy to work with - less of a “break your computer just installing the darn thing” kind of deal. It’s easy to get caught up in the madness of what’s going on, because there truly is a lot to work with here and it’s all pretty impressive.

So you start off with some pretty basic systems in place - machines to double the amount of ore you can create and such, before you move up and up the ranks to reach the top levels of proficiency. The difficulty isn’t that bad here, to be honest - you can gain skills quite quickly, and there’s a reasonable level of challenge as you progress.

Thankfully, a mod pack like this has been built to be sturdy and easy to use. There’s no obvious errors or glitches, so you can play in peace. With thanks to some helpfully included cosmetic mods, you can make sure that everything looks as good as possible without having to worry about whether or not everything looks all uniform and neat - those who have a compulsion to make everything match are well catered for here.

There’s fast travel mechanics built into the map, as well as dungeons filled with incredible prizes and dangers to explore - this is still Minecraft, after all. You will find that the basic principles are still there, but they’ve been so enhanced and improved that everything performs about as well as it should. The world that you create is still your own however - the rules and limitations aren’t so prominent and even when they are, they’re designed to be as useful as possible.

Is this definitely something to look into? Oh yeah. There’s a lot to appreciate here - the world has been carefully built to make sure that you can create an experience which works for you. You can easily experiment with and enjoy a lot of the unique principles which make this such an enjoyable time. The technological world is easy to access and you have so many different options to pick from which makes the whole thing a delight. You should definitely experiment with all of what’s on offer to see what you can create.

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Michael Yang
Pretty good. Server configs are easy to change and modify when needed.
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