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Our All The Mods Expert Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks. Via our All the Mods 3 Server Hosting, you can install a modpack in one click!
A modpack that originally began is a private project share amongst friends. An amalgamation of many of the most popular Minecraft mods, as well as some that are less well-known but very useful. Some of the key mods included in this modpack are:

  • Thaumcraft
  • Ender IO
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Traverse
  • FastWorkBench

All the Mods 3 will be continually expanded, adding new mods, but with a focus on ensuring that the modpack is stable and mod conflicts are mitigated. If you are looking for a modpack that will add a ton of new features and gameplay options to your Minecraft server, All the Mods 3 is a good choice.

The ATM Team is proud to present “All the Mods 3”. This is an exciting kitchen sink mod pack which combines so many different mods into one. It began life as the brainchild of a few friends who just wanted to enjoy themselves and have fun. It quickly evolved into a colossal pack of different mods which all add something to the gameplay.

What you might not know is that this is not like the stereotypical mod pack. There’s a mod and a quirky new feature for practically every part of Minecraft. You should be aware that this is not like the version your Dad would have played back in the day. You can expect to die a lot, and have your frustration be matched by a lot of tragic moments, but there’s no doubt that if you can work past it this could be pretty fun.

So what was the end goal here? What did they set out to do at Team ATM? Well, their idea was to try and give expert players something new and fresh to enjoy. Let’s be honest - when you’re a pro at Minecraft, certain elements can get a bit boring. You are constantly having to grind for resources to build tools that break after 10 minutes, and it’s a bit of a pain.

So it shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that the end goal was to try and brighten up the whole process a little bit. It sure wasn’t easy to manage but the team certainly did well. There’s an emphasis on embracing the idea of renewable sources of fuel and appreciating what these mods have to offer. Of course, quarry and coal-based fuel sources are still completely on offer if that’s what you’re into, so you’ve got a lot of options to pick from.

All of these mods help to make a zany and wacky experience. You don’t have to worry too much about whether you’re doing the right thing so much as whether you’re having fun! That was really just the end goal here for the devs - they didn’t make this to try and accomplish anything but bring a new perspective to the game.

Part of the incredible experience is just how many mods are available for you to choose from. There’s a lot of options here that you will no doubt enjoy, with both big mod names and some smaller ones to compensate. Most people will find that there’s representation of some sort here, which is nice.

It’s easy to see why this is an attractive mod set just by the sheer volume of options. No two experiences will ever be the same, and that is really what gives people the challenge that they want. Will you strike it rich on a deposit of ore? Will you survive against some of the fanciful mobs that have been included in some of these packs? There’s really only one thing for you to do - create your own server with All the Mods 3 and try it out!

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