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Age of Progression is pretty much what it seems. This is a modification pack which has a large emphasis on progressing. The way that you do this will determine exactly what kind of experience you have, and just how likely you are for success to happen. There are three main routes that the gameplay is broken up into, and these are agriculture, magic and technology. You can progress through the levels of proficiency in all three, and achieve mastery if you work hard enough.

This seems simple enough on paper, but the end result is quite different. The pack often takes interesting twists and turns which most players won’t see coming, and you will start to notice that eventually all three areas of progression intertwine and become mixed up. It’s quite a nice touch, because a lot of people get quite bored with the same old formula over and over again. This pack is also multiplayer friendly, so if you and some friends wanted to explore the world together, you could easily do that.

Everything has been built quite well, with an emphasis on smooth and solid gameplay. There is a genuine sense of love that you can feel in every mechanic and component, like the development team took a long time trying to make this a reality.

So, let’s take a look, for just a second, at the technical requirements that you will need to play this modification pack. It has been built for version 1.10.2, which means you are going to need to invest in some significant resources to get access to the pack. We would heavily recommend that you invest in some capable technology, like a good CPU, and around 8 GB of RAM to make sure that you can have stable gameplay from start to finish.

There is definitely a lot to achieve here, a lot to do, and many different things to try and get involved with. The way that you play this game will be determined by the type of person that you are, and so people who want to have a fantastic experience from start to finish will be able to do just that because they have committed themselves to progressing in all three areas. Obviously, this is a very capable and enjoyable modification pack, and it is one that you should really think about when you are trying to get the most from your experiences.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the options that you have. It would be worth experimenting with everything on offer here, because this is a highly enjoyable pack which can do a lot for people if they take the time to work with it and see what it can offer. Being able to progress in three different fields is always enjoyable, so it is heavily recommended that you take the time to explore everything. Remember that sometimes you may have to work towards your goals, and you will be able to enjoy a smooth and stable experience throughout your gameplay.

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alex brooks
Excellent servers and super easy to use! Only comment would be to make sure you get the right amount of RAM to support how many users are playing! No Complaints!

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