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Our Absolute Immersive Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Have you ever wished that Minecraft was just a little bit more… immersive? Well, now you can. Introducing Absolute Immersive, the mod pack which helps to come up with a properly immersive experience from the beginning.

Users get a chance to experience and explore something called Immersive Engineering. It’s a program which takes the standard Minecraft experience and changes it, almost improves it - it gives people a chance to experience a mod pack which is very focused. Let’s be honest - when you’re playing with mod packs, you tend to focus a lot on the packs which you know about. The ones you don’t know tend to just sit unused. Instead, you get only packs which are necessary here, and it really helps when it comes to getting the most out of all you’re doing.

So let’s talk about Immersive Engineering, what the point of it is and how it impacts the world around us. This type of engineering is all about creating a world which is immersive and has real consequences and impacts. For example, the mods add a pollution mechanic into the game - the more that you use the industrial-style resources in the game, the more pollution you accumulate. As this can have negative impacts on the world and you, there’s a level of self-awareness that goes into this mod. We’re all guilty of doing the basic stuff over and over again without thinking - mining, smelting ore, etc. But here you’ve actually got to think about what you’re doing and the consequences it can have.

Another clever trick worth mentioning is how the creator has managed storage space. We’re all accustomed with the chests in Minecraft. They serve as places we store limitless items in, and for some people a single chest is all they need. However, that’s not how it is in the world of Immersive Engineering. Instead storage facilities and tanks are just that - things which can hold a realistic amount of resources and take up an appropriate level of space. It’s just one of the different ways that the world around us has been changed and edited to become more immersive and realistic. The details make this worth investing in, because they make all the difference.

Thanks to quite a bit of tinkering with the available resources, and some ingenious ideas, Absolute Immersive is designed to be as helpful as possible because it provides players with the tools that they need for exploration and realistic world creation. You aren’t dealing quite so much with magic anymore - this is something grounded firmly in science and logic. You can enjoy a world which is immersive and realistic, and so it is up to you to carefully and sensibly manage the resources of your world while being cautious about environmental damage. This is one of those servers which would really be incredible for you to try and experience, so you should definitely think about downloading it and giving it a test run for yourself, there’s a lot to enjoy!

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Jurgen Raedts
Awesome server, good performance, easy to use control panel. Highly recommended!
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