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Our The MadPack Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

You might have played the first one. You might have played the second one. But don’t look now, because there is a third entry into the Madpack series. The geniuses behind the series, Jon Bams and Kehaan, have successfully created another entry into the franchise and done so with grace, style and poise. Everything that they do is made to appeal to the fans, and this latest incarnation of their adventures proves that they still understand how their fanbase thinks and what they want from a mod pack. So, what’s available this time around for the players?

Well, The Evil League of Super Evil Programmers of Evil have returned to seek vengeance on the world once more, and so it falls to you as the player to try and stop them yet again. Dive headfirst back into the world and experience everything from a fresh and re-energised perspective, because this has been done up and made to look impressive. There’s even more parodies, satire and comedy moments - the duo have clearly kept their comedic style in check here and come up with something incredible. There’s a lot to explore, a lot to enjoy, and it’s all packed into a cutting edge system.

Speaking of the advanced system, let’s take a look at technical requirements. What we’ve got here is a very capable and enjoyable game which has been crammed into version 1.7.10. This means that almost anyone can use this, because this is not the current version of Minecraft anymore by any means. However, we would still recommend investing in the standard powerful PC, a modern CPU and upwards of 6GB of RAM just to make sure that there are no issues with smooth and stable gameplay. How do you expect to stop The Evil League of Super Evil Programmers of Evil with a bad input rate?

So it is time to step up and become the hero of your journey. All of the elements are there and ready for you to explore - all you need to do is have the courage to try them out. Battle against the The Evil League of Super Evil Programmers of Evil, save the day and become the hero of Hyrule - wait, wrong franchise. But for real, there is a lot to enjoy here, with many familiar and exciting gameplay elements all here for people to enjoy and so many excellent choices.

The enjoyment you get from this will come directly from immersing yourself in the game. It is time to step directly into the shoes of the main character and enjoy yourself as much as you can. Battle the The Evil League of Super Evil Programmers of Evil, or sit back and watch as they destroy everything - to be honest, it is entirely up to you what you do. But one thing that no one can argue with is that this is an incredibly well made and enjoyable system, and one which a lot of people will no doubt get the best possible outcome from.

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