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Did you ever see that film, Journey to the Centre of the Earth? It had Brendan Frasier in it, it was okay. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was a good romp. Did you ever think that there would be a modification pack made about it? To be honest, we did not, but here it is. It’s actually quite good, offering a unique gameplay experience and mixing up the conventional Minecraft formula, but what makes it so entertaining? Why would you bother to sit down and play it? Well, that’s a good question, and it is one that we intend to answer.

You start the game off by going to a place called Snaefellsjokull. It is an Icelandic volcano, which has an intricate network of caves and tunnels underneath it. Your mission is to explore these caves and tunnels to find what you’re looking for in the way of wealth, prosperity, and riches beyond comparison. But it’s not as simple as that. You can expect to find yourself travelling through different dimensions. But you didn’t see that coming. The game itself is actually split up into exploration of different dimensions, which represent levels in a sense, and then you get down into the core of the Earth.

If this seems confusing to you, don’t worry. It will become clear eventually. But you might just get eaten or killed by the enemies in the process. Oh yes, there are some traps and tricks down there. You have to use your cunning and wits to make sure that you escape with your head still on your shoulders. There is a level of realism here, in between the enemies and dimension travelling, which really helps to make this feel like a fleshed out and complete experience. It’s a lot of fun.

From a technical perspective, this performs about as well as you would hope. Everything is smooth and easy to work with, the mod pack itself has been developed and perfected, and everything that you do runs about as smoothly as your PC can handle. It can be quite intensive on the memory sometimes, but that’s the price you pay for a well designed modification pack. Despite this, it is quite a fun and enjoyable experience, and you should probably check it out if you have time.

To wrap it all up, Journey to the Core is one of the most interesting areas that you can explore in a modification pack. Not a lot of people think that going deep down into the bowels of the Earth is a good idea, but it really does create an interesting atmosphere and vibe which is hard to replicate. You’ve got all of these unique assets in scenery to explore, and there are enemies to try and learn and adapt. If you reach the core, you’ll be interested with what you find, but we won’t spoil it. If nothing else, it was quite fun to give it a go!

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Kyle Kemmerer
Very good servers, nice and easy, just pay, and you get the server. Professional website. Bit expensive but the first month half off is nice. Overall very good!
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