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About the Pack

Our Hermitcraft Modsauce Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Hermitcraft Modsauce is a mod pack which has been made by the Hermitcraft mod team, and features a selection of old favourites and new blood to make sure it appeals to many. There is a sense of cohesion and easy gameplay which is evident from the moment that you set foot into the world and explore it all for yourself. What you really need to make sure that you do is explore all of the unique and interesting elements for yourself when it comes to the gameplay in order to get the most from what this pack has to offer.

So what makes this such an enjoyable thing is the sheer number of mods which are available for you to play within it. There is so much to do and so many options you have to wonder exactly what it is that people can do to enjoy themselves. Well, let’s find out. Thermal Expansion and MineFactory Reloaded are just two of the favourite mods in the pack, and there are a lot of newer ones too to make sure that everyone has something to work with and enjoy. What you have to appreciate is that when it comes to this mod pack, there are a lot of different options to explore.

So if we look at the technical side of things, what does this mod pack offer to people? Well, there’s a lot in the way of options when it comes to technical requirements - you don’t need anything more than 1.7.10 to play the game and that is absolutely fantastic when you think about how many systems can now use this mod pack. However, as usual with mods, it is recommended that you look into some new specs and tools to really get the most from what you’re doing. Specifically, you should invest in a powerful PC, a capable CPU, and around 8GB of RAM. This helps to make sure that your system runs smoothly and delivers an experience you can enjoy.

So is this something that you should play? Oh yeah, for sure. There are a ton of different options to work with here and they are all pretty incredible, which is nice when you want to be able to explore a unique world. Hermitcraft Modsauce takes a lot of the conventional elements which make Minecraft so much fun to play and then elevated them to the highest possible levels. There is a genuine sense of enjoyment and innovation here which is lovely to see.

So overall, there is a lot to appreciate here. There are so many different options to explore and mechanics which work well for the system and it is a miracle that people can come up with such an innovative and interesting set of mechanics to work with. This is definitely one which we would recommend for you, because there are so many different options and choices to play with. You would be blind if you couldn’t recognise just how many options existed within the system for you to take advantage of, and so this entire thing is worth your attention.

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