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Our Beyond Reality: Divergence Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Well it’s Minecraft, but with a twist. There is so much more to discover than you can possibly imagine. There are so many new mechanics and interesting ideas at work which help to make sure that this is like an experience that joy never forget. Complete creative control is at your fingertips - the world of Divergence awaits you. It’s a quest system, a progression system, a combat system and so many others besides. This is Minecraft but with a plot, and it does very well for the experience and the privilege.

This is an incredible world full of detail and mystery. For once, you’re not just let loose into the world with absolutely no guidance at all. There is a central quest system which gives you tasks and places to explore. You can progress in terms of powers and equipment - this is a lot like an RPG with the familiar textures of Minecraft. It’s an incredible thing to look at, and definitely something that you should check out if you’re interested. With so many different routes for progression and a slew of new game mechanics to take advantage of what you have access to, you just know that this will be good.

Despite all that’s going on, this continues to be an incredible system which offers a lot for people. There is an absolutely fantastic technical mastery behind the scenes, with everything that you know and enjoy about Minecraft being present and there. Nothing is broken or non-functional - every part of the game was built carefully to make sure that it worked. Of course, there’s also the option to optimise everything for the latest version of Minecraft if you have a system that can handle the demands. But if not, don’t worry, everything looks fantastic on it’s own.

So the world that you create is pretty much your own and the way that you move forward is up to you. RPGs tend to reward people who grind and complete quests and this is also true here. You can easily get access to resources and abilities simply from playing the games and it’s done so in such a way that is rewarding and appropriately challenging. The central quest system helps to tie it all together as well and make sure that you’re not experiencing massive issues with advancing the plot or levelling up.

Beyond Reality does a lot of what it sets out to do. In fact, it does nearly all of it. There are so many different options and things to consider here, and it really does make you question everything that you see and do. There are many different choices and a lot of options on how to play and the way this will influence you. You can take the path which is ultimately the best for you and not have to worry about how you progress or the way you level up. It’s a rewarding experience which gives you freedom to be the character you want and that is always welcomed.

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linda wu
It is easy to access and very affordable price.
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