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Our Bevo's Tech Pack Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Very popular past time of the Minecraft modification community is introducing technology into what is quite a mediaeval world. Minecraft is not known for having expensive machinery and sophisticated engineering, instead of relying on simple things like wood and rock. However, when these types of things are introduced, they generally change the gameplay experience and make it incredibly interesting time for everybody involved. This tech pack is exactly what you think it would be, offering you the chance to get interested in a variety of different technological advancements, while bringing them all seamlessly into Minecraft.

Most notably for a tech pack like this is that it does come with a story mode and quest option. You can participate in various mission is to advance the plot, and there is a progression system in place. While this is not mandatory, it is nice to see, as a lot of people forego this particular characteristic in favour of other things. However, alternatively, if you wish, you can instead create a world that suits you, and disregard the plot entirely. Creative freedom still remains yours, you are not shoehorned into any one particular method of progression.

From a technological perspective, this has been constructed very well. All of the different elements of mechanics which have been introduced into the game function perfectly, and the development team has kindly taken a lot of time making sure that this works for the most modern versions of Minecraft. While there is no backwards compatibility with old versions, and 1.7 being the default, this is understandable when you realise that there is some very sophisticated engineering and programming that has gone into making these modification packs do exactly what they need to do.

Introducing technology into Minecraft really does change the way that the game functions and remove some of the repetitive nature. Branding for items is a little bit easier when you have tools that are modern and can do the job and half the time. How you move forward in the way that you conduct yourself will depend entirely on your preference. The game does not make you do anything you don’t want to do, so you can if you want to build a massive empire, or you can follow the plot to its inevitably well written conclusion. The choice has been and always will be yours.

In conclusion, this is very well designed modification pack which introduces a lot of different mechanics into it and give you a very satisfying experience. No, there is no backwards compatibility, which is notable in of itself, but it is understandable when you realise exactly how much sophisticated technology and programming has gone into this. This is definitely something which we could recommend for just about anybody based on how easy and accessible it is, as well as the different playstyles and mechanics which you have available to you. All you need to do is be fair to give this a try and see what it means when you get started with the story.

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Nathan Sawicki
This server hosting service is amazing easy to use and I have had no problems with it 10/10 would recommend

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