Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting With ScalaCube

Playing multiplayer Minecraft isn’t so straightforward. While other games let you host games on their own servers, Minecraft leaves multiplayer hosting entirely in your hands.

This leaves many new players lost in the wind. “Hosting,” “servers,” “VPS,” and all the other multiplayer-related terminology can quickly overwhelm people.

But in reality, multiplayer Minecraft is easy. Dedicated Minecraft server hosting providers like ScalaCube have turned a once-complex process into a minutes-long ordeal.

And in this guide, not only will you learn what Minecraft dedicated server hosting is, but you’ll learn how to make one yourself.

What Is a Dedicated Minecraft Server?

In pure terms, a dedicated server is a physical machine (or virtual machine) that provides a service to its host.

In the case of Minecraft dedicated server hosting, the service runs a multiplayer server for your game. All the players who join your game log into the server you’ve created.

Dedicated server hosting is a popular solution for multiplayer Minecraft because it gives you the power to design your game precisely how you want it. You can customize your game’s rules and make it run any mod you want.

How to Host a Dedicated Minecraft Server

  1. Visit our hosting page and click "Sign Up" in the top right corner. Here, you can sign up (or login).
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  3. On the “Servers” page, click “Buy Server.”
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  5. Click on ”Minecraft.”
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  7. Choose ”Get Your Server.”
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  9. Then click ”Next.”
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  11. Select your location, then click ”Next.”
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  13. Choose which Minecraft version your server should run. You can change it later.
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  15. Press ”Next.”
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  17. Depending on how many players you're expecting, choose your server plan. It's best to pick the recommended plan for optimal performance, but you can upgrade later.
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  19. You can choose your server address here. All subscribers get a free subdomain, which you can change at any time later.
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  21. Choose your server's applications. For a one-time fee, you can enable automated backups (highly recommended).
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  23. Click "Pay." Your first purchase will get you a 50% discount.
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  25. Make your payment and complete your order.
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  27. Click on “Servers” and then “Manage Server.”
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  29. Copy your server's IP address and open Minecraft (make sure you load the same version your server runs).
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  31. Go to “Multiplayer,” select “Add Server,” and paste in your IP address. You can name it wherever you wish—this name only appears for you.
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Wrapping Up

That’s it! You’ve created your own Minecraft dedicated server and are ready to get going.

Plus, you’ve learned the basics of Minecraft dedicated server hosting, why it’s such an excellent solution for Minecraft multiplayer, and how to make a dedicated Minecraft server with ScalaCube.

Making a dedicated server doesn’t have to be complex or intimidating. If you’re still not sure you’re ready, you can try it risk-free with ScalaCube's free dedicated Minecraft server hosting.