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So that your game runs smoothly, we only work with trusted, industry-leading data center providers who power our Satisfactory dedicated servers with cutting-edge technology. They'll also let you choose where we'd want to meet up with them. In this way, your gaming experience will be enhanced by the quicker reaction times made possible by being physically closer to the data center.

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Our cheap Satisfactory server hosting gives you modern, easy-to-use tools for managing your server and your players. Personalization is available, so you may set it up the way you like it best. You may also connect it to other programs like player ranking systems, discussion boards, etc. Relax and let the server take care of everything while you focus on winning the game.

Advanced Server Configurations

Professional gamers may use full FTP access. From the administrative dashboard, you may make instantaneous changes to your server's location and configuration parameters. And for even more speed, it employs the most recent AMD/Intel CPUs and NVMe SSD storage. You may quickly and simply install add-ons and modifications, and have access to helpful third-party tools.

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Scalacube's strict security measures will keep your servers safe in the event of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. It has data centers in Seattle, New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, France, and Germany, among other places around the world. If you want a better gaming experience and lower ping, you may even change your location.

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What Is Satisfactory?

Developed by the Swedish studio Coffee Stain Studios, Satisfactory is a worksite simulation game. It's a first-person, open-world game where you may explore and construct factories in 3D. The player assumes the role of a pioneer who has landed on a foreign planet with just a few simple tools and must now collect the planet's natural resources in order to build ever more complicated factories to automate the planet's resource production. The player's first objective is to construct a space elevator and begin providing the firm the player works for (FICSIT Inc.) with a wide variety of parts. Once an export is completed, it releases funds for new construction, allowing for the next export to take place.

The player assumes the role of an engineer sent to the planet with the mission to "colonize" it by erecting a FICSIT manufacturing facility there. The player may choose from the Grasslands, the Dune Desert, the Rocky Desert, or the Northern Forest as their first staging ground. The player's early-game resource availability and the availability of flat ground on which to construct will be affected by this decision. The player, however, is free to relocate to any other area whenever they so desire. The player must then scavenge the landing pod for materials to build the hub, the central point from which all other structures will radiate.

More advanced forms of automation become available when the player has access to better tools. The game's ultimate objectives are to construct an automated factory capable of producing any item without any player participation and to transport all necessary project components to the Space Elevator. Since more energy is needed to run more complex machines, the player will need to invest in power generation infrastructure such as coal and fuel generators and, later, nuclear power plants. Make Satisfactory server today!