Why You Need Free Valheim Server Hosting

Valheim is intended for people who appreciate spending time creating their own worlds or collaborating on a common vision with their friends. If you want speedy results, stick to Call of Duty. ScalaCube's Valheim hosting service includes FTP access which gives the users complete server access, allowing them to operate their server from the control panel as well as access other services such as MySQL and connect via FTP to transfer files. Here are more advantages of hosting your own server:

Why choose us?

Great control

Great control

Nothing beats playing god. the freedom to run and customize one's own server without being constrained by the rules and dictates of others. Their maps, modifications, and rules are all unique. Your maps, mods, and rules are much more enjoyable to listen to!

A more pleasant experience

A more pleasant experience

Setting up and running your own server on your home PC has never been easier. Typically, a single button’s click launches a console window with instructions cascading down the window as you input the matrix.
The main problem is that most home PCs are incapable of handling the increased CPU/Memory/IO strain of hosting a gaming server. It eventually leads to internet gamers' biggest dread... Latency!!! And that's before you even start your own game session to play.
This is when the advantages of paying for a dedicated server from a hosting service become apparent. Playing on a dependable hosted server provides you with the flexibility and control to play with the players, friends or folks you wish to play with.
ScalaCube Valheim server hosting provides the finest possible client experience. As a result, we take customer service very seriously. Gamers will have access to us 365 days a year thanks to our 24/7 Valheim server hosting live chat assistance option. Whatever assistance you need, it is never more than a brief chat session away.

Free Valheim Server Hosting Services

ScalaCube's Valheim hosting service makes it easy to play with friends. Our control panel is simple to use and comes with a fast setup and a free domain. It also provides gamers with access to files, plugins, and mods.

DDoS protection is installed on ScalaCube's lag-free servers. Furthermore, because of its easy interface, you do not need to be a technical specialist for server administration. And if you run into any problems, the specialists are always available to assist you. We realize that you require your Minecraft server to remain operational at all times. We proactively watch for DDoS attacks, even the tiniest ones, and subsequently, take automated mitigation measures. This implies that your server will not be taken offline by someone who is randomly launching DDoS attacks against public-facing servers.

Our control panel is outstanding. The control panel has a built-in file manager for uploading and downloading server files, as well as access to a free domain with rapid setup. It only takes a few clicks to set up your own Valheim gaming server. What’s more? The user-friendly control panel interface makes it possible to do all tasks without any prior experience in server management. Other providers may be willing to offer you a free Valheim server. But do they also provide a backup system that zips up your server, transmits it to one of their "offsite" backup computers, and retains up to 7 days of backups if something goes wrong?

ScalaCube's free Valheim server hosting includes mods, 24/7 uptime, easy configuration change, and more. With SSD drives and high-quality hardware components, you can anticipate top-notch performance. ScalaCube charges $14 per month for 10 player seats. However, you can simply utilize the Valheim hosting service for free and evaluate its effectiveness without having to use your payment card.

What is Valheim?

Valheim is an open-world survival game set in Valheim, the tenth Norse realm, that is best enjoyed on a dedicated server. You take on the role of a Viking, a recently vanquished warrior whose body is thrown into Valheim by a huge crow. Your main goal is to please Odin by restoring order to the land, which has been overrun by legendary creatures. Your mission, beginning with only your bare hands, is to survive the harsh environment by locating, mining, constructing, and creating your way to victory. But when was the last time you had so much fun using free Valheim server hosting services?