Make Your Own Rust Server For Free

Watch this video to learn how to make your own Rust server.

  1. Choose a Scalacube Rust server.
  2. Install a gaming server by going to Control Panel > Gameservers > Install.
  3. To start the server, click Start.
  4. Make a note of your IP address and use it to connect to your server.

Why You Need Free Rust Server Hosting

Imagine you have collected some good assets and have built your base with amenities. Now, you go offline and are busy with some other work. After a few hours, you log in again to find out that you have been betrayed, and your base has been raided.

All of your efforts are futile! Do you desire that? Isn't it always the case? That is why, among other things, you require free rust server hosting. This is how you could play the game without continuously keeping an eye on it or fretting while you slept.

Instead, you may create a private server where no one else can join and rob you. The advantages of hosting your Rust server go beyond the points mentioned above.

Why choose us?

Outstanding Performance

Outstanding Performance

24/7 Rust server hosting provides a strong server with increased speed and bandwidth. Furthermore, they have data centers positioned all around the world, and you will be assigned to the server that is nearest to your location. In this manner, you obtain unrivaled performance as compared to a home internet connection or public Wi-Fi.

More uptime and less latency

More uptime and less latency

With a local internet connection, a lot of players already use the server and consume a lot of bandwidth, therefore there are frequent delays and games that aren't available. As a result, you can't get the most out of the game and wind up irritating yourself.
Poor latency, which results in a high ping, can make games challenging or even impossible to play. When playing online, one of the most important factors to consider is latency. Learning how to make a Rust server for free using ScalaCube's free Rust server hosting provides incredibly fast servers, and because lagging is a major problem for gamers, which ScalaCube excels at, you may go for it.
You will have extremely little or no latency when using the hosting service, as well as excellent uptime. Many of the servers additionally offer 99.9% or 100% uptime.



You are well aware of how insecure the internet has become. As a result, there's a good probability that your bandwidth, as well as your game data, will be stolen as a result of frequent attacks of various types, such as DoS and DDOS.
A competent Rust hosting provider addresses security concerns in order to reduce these risks by providing a safe and secure platform for your connection. To ensure safety, they keep their data center in a secure location and use firewalls and other attack prevention tactics.
We recognize that as a gamer, you need your Rust server to be up and running at all times. ScalaCube's free Rust server hosting services proactively watch for DDoS attacks, even the slightest ones, and then take action to neutralize the attack immediately. This implies that your server will not be taken offline by someone who is randomly launching DDoS attacks against public-facing servers.

Free Rust Server Hosting Services

When you choose ScalaCube as your Rust server hosting service, you receive all of the necessary functionality and performance to win the game.

The Rust dedicated server would come with an easy-to-use control panel. You can start, restart, stop down, change parameters, update the program, and configure the server, among other things.

Additionally, you can discover all of your passwords—including the admin password—that is required to operate the Rust server here. You will be given choices like the ability to ban game participants based on their IP address or player name, as well as the ability to unban them, change their player data, and more.

DDoS protection is included with our free Rust server hosting services, ensuring that your server is constantly online, experiences little latency, and is always usable. Other advantages of the free ScalaCube Rust server hosting include complete FTP access, a free domain, and Oxide support. You also receive sophisticated SSD drives, allowing you to play your game at lightning speed. Our servers are based in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game in which players compete for resources, create their bases, and defend their possessions. You can establish or break alliances, as well as share your base.

Multiplayer survival games vary from one another, yet they have several elements, such as:

So, what distinguishes Rust from other survival games is that players exclusively battle other people. That is, if you are the player, other players are your adversaries, and combat is a must.

Playing amicably with one another, as you often do when inviting your close friends and family, will make the game boring. Rust boasts gorgeous visuals and various wild animals to combat, but the main premise is a player-versus-player conflict.

The game may involve some acts that require close supervision, such as theft and treachery, but only in the game. Why skip out on the fun when free Rust server hosting is available?