Make Your Own ARK: Survival Evolved Server For Free

Watch this video to learn how to make your own ARK: Survival Evolved server.

  1. Click on Get Your Server
  2. Choose the best location
  3. Select Free Plan
  4. Select Server Address
  5. Click Next
  6. Sign up on
  7. Press on Continue
  8. Click on Manage server
  9. Click on Select
  10. Click on Install to install the server
  11. View Monitoring Page
  12. View Main Hub for Server
  13. View Console page
  14. Buy Premium Server

Why You Need Free ARK Server Hosting Services

ARK is a complex game. It will take a large amount of time for you to go from a fresh character with only a spear in your hands to a contemporary ranger with pets as lethal as dinosaurs.

However, it would definitely be a mistake for someone to believe they can hop in, play for a short while (a few minutes or hours), and then suddenly become a warrior. Prior to being able to harness amazing power or tame a top dinosaur, ARK actually requires a considerable amount of effort and resources.

Your pace decreases without a reliable server at your side, which has an impact on how quickly you advance in the game's levels. This is why you want a good ARK server hosting option offering 24/7 ARK server hosting services.

Powerful and extensively configurable ARK hosting servers let you install plugins, mods, connections, and other features directly on the server. All of this is made much easier with ScalaCube ARK server hosting. These servers also include strong configuration options for quickly changing server difficulty, allowing you to create the ideal atmosphere for everyone playing on your server.

These robust servers are loaded with outstanding features that will allow you to play faster and without worry.

Why choose us?

Complete server control

Complete server control

Because you own the server you're playing on, you have complete control over how the game progresses. You may customize the game to improve your entire experience and establish your preferences.

There are no game lags

There are no game lags

You put a lot of burden on your computer's operating system if you don't use a server hosting service, which causes delays. However, server hosting places less burden on the operating system. As a result, you might have extremely quick response times and game play.

24/7 accessibility to games

24/7 accessibility to games

Making a server on your PC or console restricts the number of games available. Assume the host turns off their gadget, and the game finishes there. However, if you utilize a server hosting service, all of your buddies may stay signed in and play anytime they like. Additionally, you don't have to keep setting up the server or making sure everyone is connected, saving you time and aggravation.

Select the members

Select the members

Joining a random server means you'll be playing with strangers, and you might be thrown from at any time. Finally, your development in the game is hampered. Knowing how to establish an ARK server for free and playing on a hosting server allows you to choose which gamers you want to play with. You may make the game more engaging by inviting your friends or family to play with you.
ScalaCube ARK server hosting allows you to play your game with more freedom, flexibility, and fun.

Free ARK Server Hosting Services

ScalaCube's 24/7 ARK server hosting service gives you complete control over your server via our control panel, where you may administrate, restart, and adjust settings. Furthermore, you may install or reload the basic server program and have it automatically upgraded to a newly published version. If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, ScalaCube free ARK server hosting uses cutting-edge technology to give perks like limitless plugins and traffic, unmetered bandwidth, and unparalleled access to all files. To make the game more exciting, you may install additional mods and maps.

Players' IP addresses can be banded, assigned rights, or unbanned together with other players. You may also manage passwords and access application files using a file manager by conveniently exploring your server files. ScalaCube provides a safe environment for your server by limiting threats and maintaining high availability.

ScalaCube's pricing tiers begin with the 100% permanently free ARK server hosting plan, which includes basic features like SSD storage, all game versions, and DDoS protection; this is accessible in Europe, the United Kingdom, and America. If you opt to upgrade, the cost remains cheap, with plans ranging from $9.50 per month for 20 player slots to $24 per month for 120 player slots.

What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open-source sandbox game with an adventure-styled concept. The game transports you to an island called ARK, which is home to natural creatures as well as prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs. The purpose of the game is for a player to live for as long as possible by holding the weapons required to fend off all the attackers that come their way. You'll also need tools to construct the foundation for your defense. In the game, you may choose your character and attempt to rise to the top by playing your way to the top. In a manner akin to other video games, you may progress through the game's levels by unlocking additional abilities, resources, tools, and weaponry. But when was the last time you had so much fun using free ARK server hosting services?